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Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister is a companion series to Alternate Universe, and it focuses solely on the Schneider family. Specifically, it follows the events of Nini Schneider as she grows up to become the cool big sister that she is today, as well as Didi Schneider, the younger sister who adores Nini with all her heart. The title is self depreciating, as Nini and Didi aren't actually dumb nor stupid respectively, but tend to call themselves that to justify their silly, disruptive and self humiliating behavior (all in good fun, of course). The stories are cute and have a lot of heart, and make an effort to characterize the Schneider family beyond what the main series is capable of. The series is made up of production sets, and during each one, the characters grow up from the beginning of the set up until the end of it.

The First Production Set began and ended in 2015, starting with a short trial run. The Second Production Set began on January 12, 2017, and is currently running.

You can read the Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister comics by following this link.

First Production Stories Edit

Coming eventually!

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