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Welcome to Pastel Poison

This Wikia is meant to provide easy access for Nidoran family information and fan works, in a way that allows more in depth descriptions. Also meant to hold reference material and similar images. Pastel Poison is affliated with Aqua Bunny, but is not specifically meant to service Aqua Bunny alone.

What's the (Poison) Point?

The topic here is all about the Nidoran family, but more specifically for fan works, as general information can be found in general Pokemon wikis.

Latest activity

Hey! Where should I begin?

For the time being, I'd recommend these pages to get you started while I keep expanding the wiki:

Aqua Bunny

Poké Island (series)

Poké Island Series Characters

Alternate Universe (series)

Alternate Universe Characters

Rina (series)

Carmela:¡Alcance Las Estrellas!

Diary of Lisa Berkley Characters

Character References

Can I add to this wiki?

Do you have a series with Nidos that's been going on for about three months or more, or consistently reoccuring Nido characters, even in short subject fan art? If yes, then absolutely.

This Wiki's Layout is Awful!

It sure is. I'm a cartoonist, not a scripter! If you find this bare bones layout pretty unbearable, but actually have the skills to make a good wikia layout, then talk to me. You can contact me using the various forms all found on this site.

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